Tuesday, January 13, 2015

RayMar's November Competition

I had to write this blog, after a long absents, to congratulate an artist and judge for a job well done.Thomas Jefferson Kitts was the judge for RayMar's November on-line art competition.  When I received the results I was literally blown away, not about who won but the narrative Mr. Kitts submitted with each painting.  Reading the narrative for all twelve chosen paintings was packed with so much information both subjective and objective that it made viewing each painting a real joy .  Normally these competitions have a four or five sentence narrative attached with little real painting information.  Acts of creative endeavors and judging those endeavors can be fought with ambiguous statements and platitudes that does nothing to help those understand what made a creative work worthy of the win.  Not so with November's winners.  To view these winners click here.
I think you will agree.

Just a reminder that there are few spaces left for my March still life workshop.  For more information to attend click Mood and Atmosphere.

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