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Still Life Painting Demo Book-
Second Edition, just in time for Christmas!

 Italian Repast; A still Life Painting Demo, Second Edition, is now available in PDF for instant download from Blub. This new book is an update of my studio booklet that was originally created for my workshops and in-studio fine art classes.  The new book is larger is physical size (10x10) with now nearly 60 page, features full color images and step-by-step comments for each stage of the still life painting process, documenting my personal creative process used to complete my art pieces.  I take you through each step in some detail explaining what I do and why.  Along the way, I expressed some hard earned painting wisdom's that I believe you will find practical, informative, and helpful in your own still life painting efforts.  The new book updates this information and adds additional information relating to what one should do to prepare for painting, a discussion about Edges and how to use them, and how to "key" your painting image. The new and improved book is now available directly from

Preview my new book below and place your order today.

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