Sunday, April 18, 2010

Taking Inventory

These last few days have been more about business and less about painting.  I will be shipping a couple of pieces to my gallery in Atlanta.  My other gallery is in Kennebunkport, Maine but I am lucky that the owner spends half the year here in Florida.  He'll be coming by this week to pick up a dozen or so small pieces.  Framing is not one of my favorite activities but a necessity.  What I do like is to put all the paintings out and look at them as a unit.  I can immediately tell which ones are my strongest and which ones shouldn't be let out of the house.  Every piece has to be photographed by my husband and printed out on a consignment sheet.  Fortunately, he's good at that.  When I get the images, I will share them on the blog.  I'm hoping for a good summer but with the economy in the condition it's in and now the volcano in Iceland, I'm not taking any bets.

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