Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Words of Wisdom

I just read a thought from a clinical psychologist--Terri Melgar on Scott Burdick's Facebook wall.  It is important enough to share with my teaching friends and others.

"To learn we must be open to the idea of needing information and/or so frustrated with what we are doing/or what is happening to us, that we are willing to let go of the way we are use to doing "it" and risk!!!  Trying something new. (this isn't for the faint of heart).
Children can learn so easily, not a lot of expectations, self corrections and fear to block the intake of new information.
Those get built in from family and other primary care givers which is where that teacher good/bad shows up.
Hopefully in life we are both student and teacher, being open to new ideas and approaches and willing to share our knowledge.  To make ones self available to the possibilities of learning about the things that interest us is a wonder . . . filled experience.  Often times a gift is given from an unexpected source."
This statement reminds me of the old story of the man who was walking down a dirt road and passed by a house.  On the front porch was a dog spread out resting but then let out a howl of pain.  Watching, he noticed the dog howled then stopped, then howled again.  An old man was sitting in a rocking chair next to the dog.  "What's wrong with your dog the stranger asked.  The old man responded.  "He's lying on a nail."  Puzzled by the answer, the stranger asked.  "Why doesn't he just get up?"  Still rocking, the old man said, "It doesn't hurt bad enough." 

Just a thought to think about.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halifax Art Show

The Halifax Art Show was a total success.  The write-up in the paper brought many people to the show and all were very complimentary.  For me, just meeting old friends and making new ones who share a love of art is worth the price of admission.  The Museum of Arts and Science's guild gave me a purchase award for a landscape of a sunset river scene on the Tomoka River.  This piece will become part of their permanent collection for Art in Public Places.  Another pleasant surprise was an invitation for a show at the Ormond Memorial Art Museum and Gardens.  I also had a few comments from folks who read my previous blog and watched the video essay on The Banishment of Beauty.  If you haven't seen it, you should.  Scott Burdick did a fantastic job of articulating why we should value art for the sake of its beauty and craftmanship.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Scott Burdick's-The Banishment of Beauty

Scott Burdick's well articulated presentation on The Banishment of Beauty  (one of my favorite figure/narrative painters) was presented  at this year's American Artist's Weekend with the Masters event. Narrating his video essay, he describes so clearly what has happened in the last century since the onslaught of modern art.  Using Thomas Wolf's explanation of understanding modern art, Burdick shows how modern art has become just illustrated literary comments where shock value, vulgarity, and egotistical intellectual messages have become highly prized by museums and galleries.  It is obvious to me that these higher institutions of art want and promote what mirrors our current culture . . . rude comments, vulgarity, bullshit, and incivility to the public.  With these last few months of political name calling and outright inhumanity to man, my platform is beauty, love, and hard work.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halifax Art Show

Life has taken me in many directions these last months--all good.  Gallery sales have improved somewhat but the economic downturn has really taken a toll.  Having said that I am excited about next week.  November 6th and 7th is the Halifax Art Show in downtown Daytona Beach.  Last week the local paper--News Journal--called and asked if I would like to be the featured artist for this year's article in the newspaper.  Don't ask me twice!  Today the article with pictures appeared in the Sunday paper.  They did a great job and their choice of using the portrait of Angel on the cover of the tabloid was very well done.  The article has already brought e-mails asking about the art and prices.  For all of you locals, please come down and say hello.
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