Friday, January 18, 2013

Playing With Light

After a couple of month of painting big, I have returned to small canvases and panels.  This one is inspired by two things; light and crocheted lace, my two favorite elements in a painting.  Creating a light and "air" feeling on this one included Naples Yellow which helped to create this effect.  I truly get lost in bliss when I paint the delicate threads of my grandmother's crocheted pieces.

                                                                       Hand Work
                                                                   12 x 16 oil on panel

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge

There has been a lot of buzz about the portrait painted by Paul Emsley of the Duchess of Cambridge.  Some of the buzz has been negative by those out there that think their opinions mean something.  As one who was interviewed who is a portrait painter said, and I loosely quote here, "There are only two people who have to be happy with the commission, the painter and the client."  Here is an interview with the artist who did a marvelous job and I applaud him.  Enjoy.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Great Storage Idea

Just received this idea for some of my organization issues.  Love the idea and wanted to share it with all you folks.  Take a look.

I see a project for my dear, sweet, talented carpenter husband!

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year's Resolutions-HELP!

It's that time of year to take stock in the year that has passed and make new goals for 2013.  Okay, I get it.  Most of us make them and within the month have totally given up.  My first resolution is to stick with the resolutions or goals which makes more sense to me.  One biggie for me is to get more organized as an artist and this is where I would love helpful suggestions from my artist friends.  How do you organize your work spaces so they don't take over your house and your life?  I think I have been watching too much HGTV this week.

Let me give you some ground work so you can be as helpful as possible.  We live in a 3,000+ sq.foot house and almost every room (except the bathrooms) have something of the art business in them, including every closet.  Forget the garage.  I use it as my studio and share it with the students that I teach and for workshops.  Walls in the studio are lined with still life props, flat screen TV for teaching and all my supplies.  We have three bedrooms and a bonus room.  One is the photo shoot room that David uses for making all my images and his.  The bonus room is his and I don't dare touch anything in there.  Not necessarily a man cave but would you believe three computer monitors a wires that look like you have walked into MIT.  Halls are used for storage and a sun room that is now used for storage of frames and a table for framing, etc. 

Until I can build my dream studio somewhere on our acre lot, I have to get this "business of art" under control.  Any big or little suggestions from you would be greatly appreciated.  I do know I will be throwing things out.  Oh another issue are the paintings that are framed and waiting to be grabbed up by my galleries.  I can hang just so many on the walls.  Can't wait to hear from you.

Happy New Year and Happy Painting.
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