Thursday, May 2, 2013

In Love with Light

In my opinion, painting  is all about painting the "light."  The more you know about light, its qualities, and how it effects your painting, the better painter you will be.  So much information is out there about light and I don't want to rehash this available info so here are some short statements that you can follow up on for yourself.
1.  Bright, strong light blows out the color of the object so that the color is the color of the light and not the object.  The local color and details will be visible in the halftone and even in the shadow area.
2. Know the color of your light source. Cool north light makes cool colored objects look like their true color.  Warm light on warm colored objects looks like their true color.  The shadow side will be the opposite.
3.  Everything is either light or it's shadow; it can't be both.
4.  Light in a painting effects every bit of your painting.  It will determine edges, the "air" around the objects in still life, and the movement of your eye throughout the painting.  It also effects the mood of the painting and is a powerful element to be considered carefully.

These are just a few concepts about painting light and if any are foreign in your quiver of knowledge, spend some time reading many of the experts of our field.

Been busy teaching with some painting in between.  My October workshop is now full but if you are interested, I have a waiting list in case of any cancellations.

Some of my work since my last posting.

                                                  Lemons and Blue  16x20, oil on panel
The mood I wanted to convey was of serenity and softness.  I had never painted satin before but it was really fun and I think I captured it.  My "air" color was cool greenish gray and it helped to send the bright Flo blue dish back into the atmosphere.

                                                        Flo Blue with Clementines  18x24

Sorry the second image is a little crocked.  This setup was lit with a warm light to help make the Clementines pop.  The cool Flo Blue pitcher had to be treated with less intensity because of the warm light on the blue vase.

This next week and a half I am concentrating on my teaching and then getting ready for the Oil Painters of America National Exhibition in Frederickburg, TX.  I can't wait to see all these magnificent paintings that are on the website in person. 

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