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Professional Quality Help from a Professional Artist

Why am I qualified to help you to improve your art and step up to your next level as an artist?  For over twenty-five years now I have painted the still life and figure in oils.  And, for over ten years I have taught oil painting in the traditions of the old and new masters in my Atelier style art school.  In addition to my formal training, I have also studied oil painting with some of this nation’s best new and old masters, and have myself been called a true modern master oil painter.  Finally, I am a certified educator with the State of Florida with a wide teaching experience including youths, young adults, and adults.  In short, I know my craft well and I know how to teach it well too.  As one artist said after her consultation, "I have learned more in one hour talking to you than I have in the many classes I've taken here in Santa Fe."

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