Friday, April 11, 2014

Bitten by the Bug

As a studio painter for over twenty years, I have looked at plein air painters with mixed feelings.  They look like they are having so much fun communing with nature and others of like mind and talent.  On the other hand the thought of leaving my cozy, organized studio to brave the heat and cold let alone packing for each outdoor experiences left me with little desire to change.

Well folks, I've been bitten by the P.A. bug.  As some of you may know, I had Karen Winslow of Cambridge Vermont and student of Frank Mason come down to do a four day workshop.  She taught us the prismatic palette where your landscape colors are pre-mixed and ready to be used immediately as you work quickly to capture the light and shade.   After four days I was convinced that plein air was for me too.

After these four days I realized I had to organize my supplies and equipment so that packing for an outdoor session could be easy and quick otherwise I just wouldn't do it no matter how enjoyable it was.  I'm a problem solver and love figuring out how to make a situation better.  I can't carry a back pack because of lower back problems so that was out from the get go.  Then it came to me; a cart!  Not just any cart but one designed to hold everything I need and packed ready to go at a moments notice.  One big benefit of the prismatic palette is the colors are pre-mixed and ready to go (kept in the freezer), and only a few other tubes of paint are needed (white and some earth colors).  So  here is my solution.

Don't judge the cute fabric and colors.  It was left overs from curtains I made.  Not one penny was spent on the pocket liner.  I even have an inside pocket for keys and other necessaries.  Every side has pockets.  My chair fits, Coulter Palette and tripod, as well as a wet panel box, and prismatic palette box.  Everything else is in an outside pocket.  I took it for a "spin" this morning and couldn't believe how easy it was to set up and take down.  Now to learn not to chase the shadows!

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