Thursday, September 16, 2010

Beginning Again


One thing that has become very apparent to me this last year is an internal struggle with what do I really want to paint.  Having had a full time job for over thirty years with a paycheck coming in every month, I painted what I liked.  It was fun and I learned something with every piece I created.  Things have changed!  My daily life is about painting and I have come to know that what I paint has to be more than just a pretty picture that sells.  It has to be about my passion.  I'm not about making social or political statements.  I'll leave that for the more . . . you put in the word that comes to mind.  The struggle has now formed into the big question.  What do I care about the most or simply stated;  what do I want to share with others that is important to me?  The artist I have featured here is the one person  that has helped me to understand the direction I must go in.
    Last year, as some of you know, I went to the event called Weekend with the Masters in Colorado.  There I met a painter that I have followed these last few years with great interest.  Of all the people I met there and I have to say, most of the painters I know today, she was truly unique.  Talking with her for that afternoon while I was in her group, something came through that I didn't understand until later.  She cared about people.  Her demeanor was unpretentious, quiet, and caring.  That caring seems to come through in each of her paintings.  There was and is an honesty that resonated with me from the moment I met her.  She was just recently feature on CBS Sunday Morning.  I have attached the video for you to see and hear her. It's about 7 minutes long.  I think you will feel what I have been trying to describe.   She is indeed a truly gifted artist and individual.  Sunday Morning with Mary Whyte.
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