Thursday, August 29, 2013

In Love With Warm White

I can't believe it's been two months since my last post.  No excuses-well yea. Two sets of grandchildren visiting which means fun, games, excursions, and no easel time.  Once I got out of my daily routine, it was difficult to get back to the easel.  When I did, my brain was still in neutral with nothing much to say.

These last three weeks, however, have been busy.  Three paintings all with my favorite object-white fabric.  Now here's the great news.  Gamblin has put some new colors on the market and the one I am in love with and I mean LOVE is their Warm White.

It's the perfect balance of yellow and orange pigments to lighten and warm my whites that are in the direct light in my studio.  When mixed with other colors, it warms them while maintaining their hue.  There's no chalkiness and it glows with a sunlit warmth I'm looking for. Gee I sound like a freaking commercial.

The first painting leans toward the cool blues but the areas of light I wanted to pop with a warmer white so I used the Warm White.  This is a 30x40 on linen canvas. 

The next painting was all about red. Red rug and red pitcher so I keyed the white lighter and brighter using the Gamblin's Warm White. This is a departure from my usual cool backgrounds.  Red comes forward so I let the design border of the rug be more distinct in design instead of trying to send in back into the "air" of the background.

Today I did a quick study (8x10)  to change it up a bit since these last two were large and required drying time between layers.  Here is where I used the Warm White to make a cool gray green.  I think it works beautifully.

There was no Titanium White used at all, just the Warm White.  The image is a little washed out but the white of the fabric is soft and airy grey green. I had to order a large tube so as not to run out.  If you have any questions, please ask in the comment section. 

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