Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Scott Burdick's-The Banishment of Beauty

Scott Burdick's well articulated presentation on The Banishment of Beauty  (one of my favorite figure/narrative painters) was presented  at this year's American Artist's Weekend with the Masters event. Narrating his video essay, he describes so clearly what has happened in the last century since the onslaught of modern art.  Using Thomas Wolf's explanation of understanding modern art, Burdick shows how modern art has become just illustrated literary comments where shock value, vulgarity, and egotistical intellectual messages have become highly prized by museums and galleries.  It is obvious to me that these higher institutions of art want and promote what mirrors our current culture . . . rude comments, vulgarity, bullshit, and incivility to the public.  With these last few months of political name calling and outright inhumanity to man, my platform is beauty, love, and hard work.

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