Sunday, May 8, 2011

Workshop at the Atlantic Center for the Arts

Friday and Saturday I ventured out of my comfort zone.  I was invited to join a group of accomplished women artists for a weekend retreat at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, FL.  So why was that a comfort zone issue? I am a Classical-Realism still-life and portrait painter. So picture this---Classical-Realism and abstract taking residence in the same room; two different worlds coming together side by side.

These lovely ladies create images so big they required an entire wall to paint on.  And there I was with my little 12 x 16 inch canvas and my little easel in the midst of huge canvases as the abstract ladies made sweeping strokes of vibrant colors all around me.  At the end of the "work" day before having dinner together we critiqued each other's work and found that we had more in common that I at first thought.  Note to self. Good design and composition are universal.

As the adage says, "A good time was had by all" as well as a greater appreciation for abstract art created!

Here are a few of the images of Saturday's efforts.

My sincere thanks to Beau Wild for organizing this fantastic experience, and to the Abstract ladies, Sarah, Carol, Diana, Betty, Jean, and Gretchen for making me feel so welcome and one of the girls.

I will be posting my retreat portrait in a few days when it's finished.

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  1. Deborah,Glad you got the experience of painting with these ladies. I have painted with them at the Artist Workshop and I always loved it when we did the critique. I still don't have an eye for abstracts, but I do enjoy watching them paint.


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