Friday, June 17, 2011

Hard At Work

These last few weeks have been extremely productive.  After a trip to N. and S. Carolina to visit family and friends, we stopped in our favorite cities of Charleston and Beaufort South Carolina.  My heart skips a beat in the presents of these southern beauties and I marinate in charm and history of the old south.   If you haven't been to Beaufort and taken a carriage ride through this storied town, put it on your bucket list.  Our carriage horse and guide were a show stopper and worth the ride.

Now back to the art scene.  I just discovered a great little book that I believe all professional artists need to have in their quiver of informational gems.  Deborah Paris  has written a straight forward, no holds barred book on how to grow in the profession of being a self sustaining painter.  It's entitled Studio & Business Practices for Successful Artists.  My experiences confirm that she knows what she is suggesting in every chapter.  Some of the topics include:  Studio Practices, Pricing Your Work, Approaching Galleries, and Self Promotion.  Check it out on her website, it's well worth the nominal price.

As my title suggests, I have been hard at work with a daily routine of six to eight hours a day in the studio. With classes canceled for the summer, I am using this time to put brush to canvas.

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  1. Thank you for the mention, Deborah! My husband and I visited Beaufort about ten or twelve years ago-it is a charming place-I hope to go back next year.


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