Sunday, October 9, 2011

Butt Pain from Sitting on the Learning Curve

    Is it just me or is this technology explosion causing you to ask . . . WHY?  This past week Robert Genn's s newsletter broached the subject of the lack of sales in this weak economy.  He stated that in a conversation with five artist, one being a technology guru (my words not his) sales were almost non existent.  Obviously if their work is not up to par all the advertising in the world won't help.  And during this same week I pulled up a site that I had bookmarked some months ago called ARTIST HELPING ARTIST.  This particular radio broadcast was about blogging effectively and all the strategies to have a bigger following.  I was overwhelmed with all the techno information.  I've tried staying current but new information and marketing information to promote my art has overwhelmed me.  I know that if you do the work you will increase your community of readers but is that enough?  Do you have to have a store with books and prints of your work to make it pay?  Why do a few artists (daily painters) seem to sell everything they paint on ebay.    What is the real goal for putting all this information out there?  I would love to hear your personal experience with being internet savvy.  I have included the broadcast at the bottom for those interested.  This broadcast is only one of many that are great and I recommend checking this site out.  Just be sure to have a pencil and lots of paper to make notes.  Looking forward to all comments on this topic.

Listen to internet radio with Artists Helping Artists on Blog Talk Radio


  1. Hi, Deborah. I gave a lot of thought to my reasons for blogging a few months ago. It is time consuming, so it needs to be justified. Bloggin does provide a calling card to other artists and potential collectors. I'm often surprised at the people who tell me they've seen my work through my blog. That's the obvious value. Perhaps more importantly for me, it helps in clarifying my own opinions, priorities, and plans regarding art. It forces me to think more deeply and has kept me on an efficient learning path these last few years. I like having the documentation in the ongoing posts that I am actually improving and developing artistically, too.

  2. I totally agree with your comments about blogging. Writing helps me to clarify my thoughts. The broadcast "Artist Helping Artist" goes so much further than just blogging; it's mind blowing. As far as sales, there is no payoff so far in any of my internet activities. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. That's one of the pros of blogging.


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