Sunday, January 6, 2013

Great Storage Idea

Just received this idea for some of my organization issues.  Love the idea and wanted to share it with all you folks.  Take a look.

I see a project for my dear, sweet, talented carpenter husband!


  1. Forgot to thank Shayna T. for sharing this idea and also to attach the website for more information on this unit.

  2. You can probably put something similar together using IKEA parts. You can figure it all out at the online website. There must be a way to pay remotely because although IKEA doesn't deliver, many people pick up from IKEA with an agency who delivers to your home. Then all your hubby has to do it put it together. Another tip is someone in the USA has invented large canvases that fold up for shipping and storage. If you paint big and they hang around in your studio this may be something to look into. Sorry I can't remember the name but a quick Google should pull him up.

  3. Thanks for the great suggestion. We have an IKEA in Orlando which isn't too far away. My husband asked me where we put an organizational system like that even if we had one? I feel like my home is one big warehouse/business and we use only a small area to actually live in. Home and Garden is not looking for us to be in their magazine!


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