Friday, January 10, 2014

Finishing 2013 with a Big Bang

Big bang-no it's not the TV show but a  painting that is bigger than 1200 sq. inches.  It was a great year and in the last quarter, I had quite a few big bangers find new homes.  Sooo off to the studio to replace those empty spots on the gallery walls.  These paintings require a stamina that can really take it out of me and luckily I finished these two before the holidays but just didn't get around to posting them on the blog.

Earth Light is a 30" x 40" oil on linen and was an attempt to capture a luminescent light that filled the room from my north light.  Edges was another major part of this painting especially in the fabric and lace.

The second painting was lots of fun.  The pot comes from a Largo potter whose company name is The Hairy Potter.  Why hairy?  The pinkish color comes from our Florida Spanish moss that has been soak in a solution of iron, copper, and salt.  After it has been fired a second time wrapped in the moss it is removed and horse hair is laid strategically on the 1100 degree pot.  The hair singes into the surface curling as it penetrates the surface.  I love painting interesting pots and this one was no exception. It's 36"x 36" but I haven't named it yet.  Any suggestions?

The handle comes from our native driftwood that is found on our beaches and lakes. It's all one piece and has a beautiful natural patina.  Happy New Year and happy painting. 

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  1. Beautiful painting! The pot, the fabric and the light are perfect partners for this composition.


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