Thursday, May 20, 2010

Finally Finished

Country Kitchen  18" x 30" oil on linen
After three months, this piece is finished.  Not only did the cheese go bad but the milk became cheese, or something to that effect.  The plums shriveled and I don't know what condition the raw egg was in when it went in the trash.  Working from life presents its own set of problems.  I think there is a parallel to life if I think about it for a while.  This piece plus three other ones will be sent to North Light Gallery for my One Person show in June.  There will be a reception Sunday, June 20th and I can't wait!  I have never been to Maine.
I have spent about three weeks on a figure in an environment.  Boy did composition issues become a major challenge in the process.  Painting a figure is not easy but putting it in a space with other objects made me take out my books on composition to help create a more dynamic piece.  Note to self:  work out all these problems ahead of time with sketches, value and color studies.

1 comment:

  1. Stunning, Deborah. The composition reads beautifully, and your handling of the temperature changes on the white objects really nails the illusion.


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