Saturday, May 26, 2012

Newsletter Drawing

This month's newsletter drawing winner is Ellen Finch.  Congratulations Ellen and you will receive six notecards with the image Florida Tangerines.  This image can be seen on a previous blog,
so check it out.  We would have done this live but David is still learning how to use our new camera.  Gee how I miss the old days when you just turned something on with a click, it worked. 

I would also like to thank everybody who has signed up for the newsletter and if you haven't, do so. You don't want to miss out on my "thoughts."  Somebody said after reading my last Thoughts From the Crone's Nest, "It's a great place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there." I guess I spend too much time thinking about how we learn.  It's a professional hazard resulting from teaching for over thirty years and understanding that deer in the headlights look.  Keep painting and keep reading.

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