Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Teaching Studio

My husband David and I have been busy renovating the area where I teach painting.  I think that it is now finished.  Some of the changes include wall mounted electrical outlets for each individual mini painting studio; a great safety feature - no more extension cords on the floor.  I sewed black curtains that hang from ceiling to near the floor.  These curtains help to keep the lights from one student's still life station and easel from contaminating the still life station and easel-palette light of the next student to the left or right.

Each student also has their own still life pedestal with internal storage, an easel, palette table, and chair - if one does not want to stand. The wall and floor is painting in a neutral gray or green making each area very comfortable and conducive for color management when mixing paints and applying to canvas. In addition, each lamp fixture is equipped with a color balanced bulb. And even the ambient lights are color balanced too. This 'system' seems to be working out well, and my students really seem to love it too. One of my students who has lived and studied in Italy exclaimed that the new teaching studio now looks and feels like an atelier that she experienced in Florence. 
We have room for six students which is just the right number for me.  A six students cap allows me to give everyone quality individual instruction.  We also have a learning area with a flat screen monitor to show images and videos.  And of course, music.  With my new iPad3 and speaker system, and with Pandora or my iTunes playing in the background, it all makes for a very pleasant atmosphere.  All we need now is a coffee bar.  Oh, we have that in the kitchen just down the hall. Okay, what can we do next? I'll have to think about that.  Any suggestions?


  1. What a fantastic set up. Wish I was closer I would certainly take a class. I was wondering if having the still life on the right side of the easel is what you recommend? I am always tweaking my own still life environment. Thanks for sharing your work.

  2. The work space you provide for your students sounds and looks marvelous. What a lot of thought and effort you have given to this.
    I hope you keep painting your French lace tablecloth. Each painting of it is more compelling than the last.

  3. Jim,
    Whether the easel is on the right or left is up to the student. One of my student's is left handed and she does it the opposite of the other students. The import thing is that you don't have to move your body from canvas to still life and back, just your head. Sorry I was so long in getting back to your question. Health issues! Thanks for your interest.

  4. Thanks Shirley for your kind words. Painting fabric is a passion of mine and with the lace, it provides an extra challenge I love.


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