Saturday, November 19, 2011

Demo Booklet

Just finished publishing my first booklet demonstrating the process of painting my last painting, "Italian Repast."  Documenting the process with images and writing about each major step was enlightening for me and I hope for those of you who want to see my process.  I share many techniques, products, and tips, as well as, color recipes for this 16 X 32 inch painting.  Check it out on the right side of the blog.  I would love to have any comments or feedback on it if you decide to  purchase it.


  1. What a great idea. You have so much to offer it;s wonderful that you took the time to put it down for everyone. Your book will definitely be on my list of "have to get" books. Thanks Deborah!

  2. Documenting the process for this painting kept me locked into each step and not loosing awareness. I would love feedback from buyers and if the information was helpful.

    Thanks for your supportive comments.


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