Friday, November 11, 2011

Threads of My Life

My last few weeks have been filled with the other side of art in order to be ready for last week's Halifax Outdoor Art Festival.  For all of my friends, students, and collectors I thank you for coming down and giving me such wonderful feedback on my new series--"Threads of My Life."  I'm still working on still life paintings that incorporate fabric and handmade textiles from family heirlooms.  My grandmother crocheted her entire life and I have inherited doilies, tablecloths, and runners with hand crocheted edge work.  The more I paint these beautiful fabrics and lace, the more I'm drawn to their individual beauty.  This piece is entitled Pomegranate and Crocheted Lace and was not as much of a challenge as I originally thought.  Squinting and massing in the light shapes and shadow shapes made it fairly simple.  Once the overall shape has been established then I painted in the negative shapes.  Can't wait to try a bigger piece!


  1. The values in the whites and creams are beautiful.

  2. Thanks again for your supportive comments.


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