Friday, March 9, 2012

The Good Art Co. Gallery-update

I'm doing the happy dance this afternoon.  Just got a call from my new gallery, The Good Art Co. , that French Lace sold.

It is bitter-sweet since this was a painting that held an emotional tie to my family.  It also was a labor of love, heavy on the labor.  I'm still in disbelief because they hung it last Friday and sold it on Thursday.  That's a record in my book for a sale of this magnitude.  As they say, "back to the drawing board."  Last month I purchase a piece of pottery that will make an interesting contrast with this same lace tablecloth.

French Lace
36 x 48 oil on Linen


  1. Congratulations! I really admired this painting.

  2. I am not surprised it sold. It's gorgeous! Congrats!

  3. Thanks ladies. Good news feels just that, Good. I appreciate your support and words.

  4. Congrats Debbie! I am not surprised. It is beautiful-very elegant and that reservoir of emotion you invested it it shows in the painting. People respond to that.


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