Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Good News

Just learned that my painting, French Lace, was accepted into this year's Oil Painters of America National Exhibition in Evergreen, CO.  This painting is one of many in my series, Threads of Life.

This is a cropped image but basically you get the idea.  Because I am working on another painting with this tablecloth and its intricate lace work I haven't painted a small gem for this week.  Painting white cloth is a passion for me and I never tire of capturing the subtle color and light that is reflected through the fabric.  For all of you living in the area, come on out to the DeLand Outdoor Art Festival and see this painting in person.  Next week I will be attending Deborah Paris' workshop in Dade City, Fl.  Looking forward to expanding my repertoire to include landscape (maybe). 


  1. Thanks. We might be making the trip to Colorado in June. I just love your state.


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