Sunday, April 8, 2012

Newsletter Finally Ready

We are ready to "go to press."  The newsletter is being reread and the final touches added.  So if you haven't signed up for your copy now is the time to do so.  On April 15th I will be announcing the results of our drawing for a freebee.  I am giving away a print on canvas of Florida Treasures.  This print can be stretched on stretcher strips or can be matted.

Besides writing the newsletter, this last week has been busy with creating color charts.  You know the kind written about in Richard Schmid's book Alla Prima.  Even after all these years of painting, I am learning so much about my colors and the beautiful combinations that I have never tried before.  With these twelve charts completed, I can match any color I see before me or use them to invent colors.

 I started them about ten years ago but wasn't willing to put in the effort in making the twelve boards required so I gave up.  Then about two years ago I found a new resource for making these valuable color charts.  I bought them but just kept putting off doing them.  After finishing the last big painting, I decided it was time. 

Check out their website from ColorFrontier.  Artists who are serious about mastering color, know the value of "doing the charts".  Now it's easier than ever and well worth the time.


  1. Hi, Deb. I did those charts, so know how much work is involved in gessoing the boards and creating the masks. The ColorFrontier product is a great idea. Even after several years, I use my color charts every time I paint. Worth the effort.

  2. I sure hope they are worth the time. I haven't painted a painting for days.


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