Sunday, April 22, 2012

Teaching, My Other Day Job

Good news.  My weekly classes have filed to capacity.  Bad news.  I'm getting less personal painting done.  It was the best of time and the worst of times.  So I grab time wherever to write and blog .  This morning came early for me and at 5 am, I began writing the second installment for my newsletter.  Teaching and learning will be the subject.  If you haven't signed up for the Newsletter, be sure to do so.
Some of my students are now ready for color and the challenges color brings.  Wish me luck.  I truly want them to understand more than just slapping color on the canvas and calling it pretty.  We will be doing color studies and thumbnail value studies.  It's critical to work these elements out before beginning the actual painting.  My students agree.  Here is Shanna who has never painted until six weeks ago.  Way to go girl!

I've scheduled the fall workshop for Oct. 22-26--click here for more information.  Besides five days of intense instruction on classical painting, including thumbnail sketches, color studies, color harmonies, compositional tools, we have a fantastic evening cruise on Spruce Creek with wine and cheese.  After the cruise, a catered dinner outdoors in the old Florida tradition, bond fire included.  I promise an experience you will be talking about for a long time.

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