Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Working in Flow

Today two pieces of information from two different sources came across my laptop that related to each other and were worth sharing.   The first was the newsletter from Robert Genn and the topic of happiness.  If you don't get his newsletters, contact me and I can forward it to you.   It seems certain regional areas and countries are more happy than others and it has to do with community and a tribal existence.  In my opinion, that is one kind of happiness that comes from relationships.  Does this state of mind foster greater creativity instead of being the lone painter creating in isolation? Personally, I don't think so.  The second piece of information that I came across today was a "Ted Talk" that began with the idea of happiness and how that state of mind related to flow and ecstasy.  I totally related to this information and found his charts eye-opening, especially the one that showed the relationship between challenge of the activity and the skill level of the person. This 19 minutes video from Ted Talks is well worth the watch and as most of us, as painters know, we enter into this state frequently when we are painting.  Please comment after watching and tell me what you think about tribal happiness vs. happiness created from flow.

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