Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gallery Guilt

Isn't it great when someone reveals a feeling or thought that you can relate to and agree with at some level.  Well this one hits the mark in that department.  When I go to an outdoor art show or to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY, after about a half an hour, I'm ready to walk out.  This Ted Talk speaks to this.  Check it out.  Author of Girl with a Pearl Earring is right on.


  1. Very thought provoking piece and a sentiment felt by many about gallery overload.

  2. Dear Deborah,

    I received my gorgeous Giclee and I am thrilled. Wow - what fine quality paper you used for showing the beautiful color harmony. All I can say is I am in awe of your skill and talent. Thank you so much for being so very generous with your beautiful imagery. I never win anything... so not only was this special in that regard it is even more special because it is so beautiful.
    Everyone reading this, be sure you subscribe to the newsletter. It is fabulous.

  3. Hi Deborah - I have been trying to send you a personal thank you thru the "contact" on top bar and then another link from your shop and they will not go through so I would check the link on your website. I wanted your permission to put your image on my blog. Have gone ahead seeing I could not get through. Do hope you do not mind. Julie

  4. Thanks to both of your for your kind comments. And yes, Julie, I hope everyone will subscribe to the newsletter. More good stuff to come.

  5. Interesting and good. The last painting reminds me of Lord Dudley. It looks like what strikes her eye is an air of mystery.


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