Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Quang Ho and What I Learned

This month I attended the National Exhibition of Oil Painters of America in Evergreen, Colorado.  One of the many highlights of this weekend was a three hour demonstration by Quang Ho. His alla prima approach was extremely informative both in what he looks for when judging--that info can be found in his DVD, Nuts and Bolts--and his thinking/approach to painting.  What was new to me was a brush called an Egbert (it sounds like a cartoon character doesn't it) and in Quang's hand was amazing.  Here is what it looks like.  It's an extremely long filbert.

This one is a Robert Simmons Signet but other companies make them.  It gives you the ability to make bold beautiful sweeping strokes like a Japanese calligraphy brush and can twist on its edge for expressive thin/thick lines.  As soon as I got home I ordered two.  I had to condition the bristles before I used them in order to get rid of the stiffness.  Quang used this brush to apply the initial layer of paint in a soft, loose manner and continued to use it throughout the entire painting.  If you want to see him in action, check out his DVD, Painting the Still Life.

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