Friday, June 18, 2010

Arriving in New England

Yesterday we arrived in the New England area.  Our first stop was in Mystic, Conn.  For all of you old enough to remember the movie, Mystic Pizza, with Julia Roberts, I had my picture made in front of the famous restaurant.  After a quick bite, we continued on to our destination--Kennebunkport, Maine.  It was rainy and cold but we checked out the area and take a look at the Bush Compound.  This is a pix of the main house but there are about four other smaller homes to the left with a guard house at the entry gate.  I was told the house that was the soap opera's main house on Dark Shadows (a soap from the 60's about vampires) is also on this road.  I think I know which one it is but I'm going to google it since my memory is a little faded on exactly what it looks like.  Tomorrow is my opening at the North Light Gallery so i will take lots of photos.  More photos tomorrow.

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