Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Journey to the North

Minnesota weather has been a real surprise for this Florida girl.  The temperature started in the high 50's and made it to a scorching 70 degrees today.  The Elmquist family piled into the car and headed for the Twin Cities.  Along the way we stopped in Chisago City to check on the arrangements for the family reunion this weekend.  David relived events from his childhood as we drove around looking at his old house, the family burial ground, and the large amount of land that was given (free of charge) to the Camp Fire Girls of America by three of his uncles.  After a trip to the airport to pick up the patriarch of the family--92 years old--we headed for Bloomington for lunch.  Across the street was the Mall of America.  If you haven't been there, it is mind blowing.  I took my two grandchildren for a walk and they rode a few of the rides plus a visit to the American Girl store and Build a Bear.  These pictures are just a glimpse of the vast amusement park inside the mall.  I could not relax because of my inability to fathom where I was and how to navigate through a place that puts you on sensory overload at every turn.  Next week I will share the Northlight Gallery experience unless something unusual happens between now and then.

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