Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Opening A Success

                                       The opening was a great success in Kennebunkport, Maine.  Irene, one of my students lives in the area half the year and drove over for the event.  The flowers were sent by her and the "Saturday Ladies" that come every week to the studio in Florida.  Jill and Harry, our gracious hosts, made the gallery opening very special.  David, my husband, and I were treated like royalty and saw the local sights like a native.  We met wonderful people and sales were great.  Below are some area photos of this beautiful area and places we visited.  Oh by the way, I researched info on the soap Dark Shadows and learned that images of Kennebunkport cliffs were used in the opening title credits but the house was one from Rhode Island.  The stone Episcopal church and its surrounding grounds brought me to tears.  There was an organist in the loft practicing for a Sunday service.  We stayed at a Franciscan monastery and roamed the grounds that led out to a point on the water.  Both David and I were totally mesmerized by this storybook setting.

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