Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June Events

This week has been more about the business end of art than putting paint to canvas.  David and I will be driving to Kennebunkport, Maine with paintings in tow.  I’m taking a little bit of everything I do.  I don’t paint a lot of flower paintings but this one is a favorite of mine and I have not shown it outside of the Daytona Beach area.  I am looking forward to hearing the comments good or bad.  If it is well received, I might add florals to my repertoires.

Even though the opening isn’t until June 19th at the North Light Gallery (moved from the 20th as earlier stated), we will spend the week before in a small community outside of Minneapolis for a huge family reunion for my husband’s relatives. This community, Chisago, where the union will take place, was featured in the movie The Emigrants, with Liv Ullman, about a Swedish family who came to Ki-chi-saga-igun (Ojibwe language meaning Big Lake with-an-outlet) and settled in the 1850’s. I sound like a history teacher but these last few months have been about this reunion and all the history of the Elmquist family.  One can’t help but learn something in the process.  With the help of his son, Jeff, David has taken a casual suggestion made last year at a family member's funeral and turned it into a larger than life epic event.  This reunion has been researched through the local church and county records and the patriarch of the family who is 92 years old will be the guest of honor.  I haven’t seen the top of our ten-foot dining room table in months.  Photo are scattered from one end to the other with some of them more than 75 years old and written in Swedish on the back.  David has been scouring the family photo albums and googling names trying to find all that are related. 
I will be taking my laptop with me and will document all the art related information that we encounter along the way.  David just told me that this trip will be approximately 5,000 miles of driving. OMG!

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