Friday, January 20, 2012

Demo Still Life-Day 2

The title for today's blog should have been--What Was I Thinking?  Note to self:  when attempting a painting with lots of folds in the fabric and a strong geometrical design, draw it out first on tracing paper and solve all the problems there.  Drawing first is usually my preference for starting a painting, but no I just jumped right in and did a rough sketch in oil.  And to answer my question from yesterday, I should have saved the red squares for later.  So today was spent correcting the block in mistakes.  By the way, that doesn't count as a step. 
The area with the red squares (to the left of the coffee grinder) has been repainted more accurately.  I don't want the pattern to take center stage but it does draw your eye there instead of on the front objects.  I'm going to keep at it before giving up on it.  Remember not all paintings are keepers but all paintings are learning experiences.

 After this I corrected other areas of the quilt to make sure the general form and values were reading correctly.  Next came the jug.  I've painted this before and know I can get the right color and temperature with burnt umber and ultramarine blue with white added.  It comes out as a grayish purple.  Some highlights have been added but that's enough for now.  The coffee grinder is an interesting color.  The wood is well worn and has a beautiful patina that will take several passes of color to get it just right.

Glazing later will give the wood more character.  The top was a dark red metal but is well worn.
I'm still not sure if this is going to be a keeper.  It's in its ugly stage so it's still too early to tell.  I appreciate any comments even helpful hints.  Just be nice!  

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