Thursday, January 19, 2012

Still Life Demo in 10 Easy Steps

I'm stretching "truth in advertising" a bit when I claim I can do it in 10 easy steps but I am going to try . . . maybe 11 just in case.   Fair enough?  Let's start with the idea.  As you know if you have followed my blog that I love anything to do with textiles.  And just so happens I got a new student  who is a quilter and a collector of antique quilts.  There is a god.  I was running out of linens from my own collection.   She loaned me two of her prize possessions to paint and I jumped right in.  This sentence should be followed by "where fools fear to tread."  When you see the quilt, you'll know what I mean.
You can't see it but between the red squares are pale yellow squares.  Otherwise it is a field of white.  Add a coffee grinder, jug, onion, and a few cloves of garlic and I'm set.  The lighting is high to give it a more ethereal feeling.  I know that the red squares are details and I know to save details till last, you know the old saying . . . dog before the fleas, forest before the trees.  But the pattern is so big and bold that I think I may need to block it in with the massing in of the fabric. 

First Step:  Working on a 16"x20" toned canvas, I began sketching in with raw umber and turpenoid.  I blocked in the dark areas with very thin transparent paint and lifted a few lights.  I will be posting everyday as I continue with this painting so following along and be sure to ask questions. 

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  1. Good set up and great blocking in. Exciting to have something like this to follow - thank you!


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