Monday, January 23, 2012

Painting Demo-cont.

I want to thank all of you who have commented both privately and publicly about this painting and the decisions I made to make drastic changes mid-stream.  Knowing that all paintings are not "winners" was comforting for some.  Any artist that can knock it out of the box on each and every painting is few and far between.  I'm done (stick a fork in me).  Whether I like it or not is still up for debate.  I think when I struggle it somehow affects my feelings toward it in the end.  I'll put it away for a few weeks and then look at it again.
Today I took the back portion of the quilt and darkened it with the air color of the background.  It needed to be sent back into more shadow.  I tweaked the coffee grinder with a glaze of red oxide and then added very small white highlights on the drawer and edge of the wood on the top.
I glazed a warm red oxide and cad.yellow deep on the onion and checked my cast shadows from the garlics and onion.  When light hits the surface of wood, there is sometimes a cool blueish haze on the warm wood color.  Did that.  Again I added specular highlights on the edge of the wood on the drop-leaf part of the table.What bothers me the most is the lack of freshness of the paint strokes.  In person, it looks overworked.  The other issue that I need to consider is how much detail should be put into the quilt as far as the stitching and puckering of the fabric (in the area in front of the coffee grinder).  I would love to hear from you and any input good or bad.  As one of my students always says "it's all good."


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