Thursday, January 26, 2012

Road Trip to Ashville, NC

The last two weeks have been not only busy but both David and I caught a cold.  Needless to say I haven't shared everything I wanted to.  Getting the demo out took most of my efforts and I forgot to share a marvelous trip we took to North Carolina.
If you get a chance to visit Ashville, be sure to stop by the Southern Highland Craft Guild at the beginning of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Upon entering you are met with a spacious two story building filled with light streaming in and the feel of the arts and crafts of the Carolinas all around. On the ground floor are all kinds of handmade crafts including clothing, pottery, jewelry, and blown glass.  As you ascend the ramp leading to the second story you see full size hand sewn quilts hanging on the walls.  When we were there the second floor featured an exhibit on the history of quilting with samples from each decade till now.  At the far end were looms that were magnificent. 
Another one seems to be much older but just as beautiful.
All in all, the trip was enjoyable and on the way back we stopped in and dropped one of my paintings off at the M Gallery SE  in Charleston, SC.  Check out their website.

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