Monday, February 6, 2012

Busy Husband

Some of you may know that my husband, David, is the business side of my art and takes care of all the computer work (other than blogging and tweeting).  He also enters my work into the various shows, competitions, and sends off the images to various sources.  Being married to a photographer/ journalists/ Motorola techy has its benefits.  SO when I opened my e-mail Saturday and found a notice from Old Masters Maroger saying I was the Artist of the Month, I was totally caught off guard.  He had entered me into this competition without telling me.  I appreciate this honor and want to thank all who had a part in this decision.  Check their website out and learn from their videos about how to use Flemish Maroger, Black Oil, Mastic Varnish, and  Italian Wax medium. 

Be sure to check out my Painting of the Week that was posted Monday.  It glows with luminosity and is a true jewel.

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