Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fun with Fringe cont.

Back to the rabbit and a problem to solve.  It turns out the rabbit is the easy element in this painting.  The dark background around the neck of the rabbit allowed the light areas and bright colors to pop with blobs and dashes of color.


Now for the problem area.  The colorful quilt with the dark triangle draws your eye to that area and away from the intended focal point.  (See earlier post)  The dark area under the quilt was going to be the wooden surface that supported the quilt.  Too much contrast, too much color.  Here is how I handled it--so far.

Removing all the colors in the quilt except the blue and yellow ties the colors from objects in the still life.  I turned the wooden box into a draped surface.  This helps but I'm still not quite sure this solves the problem.  So much more to do and so many more problems to solve.  That's what painting is about--solving problems.  The yellow and blue book will have writing and figures on it.  This has to be handled softly so it doesn't draw too much attention there.   Tomorrow is another day with more problems to solve.


  1. Your work is outstanding. So happy to have found your blog on Pam H. blog. Very inspiring, thank you for sharing your talent.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. Sign up for my newsletter and follow me. I appreciate your support. Deb

  3. Deborah, the rabbit looks great! Just a thought, what if you "dirtied" the colors in the quilt just a little bit and took the color down. Would that help the quilt?

  4. Great minds run together. I have already glazed down the colors in the quilt reducing the intensity of the colors. My next thought is to remove the lower edges and vignette the lower half of the quilt. I'm still working it out. Thanks for your input.


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