Monday, February 13, 2012

Painting of the Week

"Grapes and Peach," (I should really think of a more unique title) is the second in my new series I call Painting of the Week. I know, it sounds a lot like A Painting a Day, but it takes me a little longer to complete even one of these Small Gems when painting in the indirect method of the Old Masters as I do.  Because the indirect method uses multiple layers of glazes, the resulting painting has a luminosity and depth that can only be achieved using the indirect method.  I hope that you enjoy these Little Gems along with the lines of prose that describe what inspired me to paint it in the first place.

"Grapes and Peach"
4 X 5 oil on linen birchwood panel
8.5 X 7.5 with frame

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The Promise

Now the flowers have fallen
For they have withered and died.
Stems full of promise,
Budding with life
Waiting to bring forth 
New Fruit

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