Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Glazing--Love It!

If you haven't tried glazing to complete a painted image, it's a magical experience.  Okay, maybe not magical but a whole lot of fun.  I would have demonstrated this process but the changes are very slight after each pass.  Everyone says it takes patience and they're right.  Having another piece to work on is necessary.  Here's a reminder of what the grisaille looked like before color was added.

Here is the final image.

The background was glazed with sap green first, then ultramarine blue with a small amount of burnt umber.  Another layer was added of the last two colors but with more burnt umber.  Shadows were glazed in again with all three colors mixed making really soft cast shadows.

The peaches were first glazed with different colors in the different areas.  Alizarin crimson with sap green made the darkest part of the three peaches.  Cad. yellow deep with yellow ochre was first glazed in on the light side.  I can't remember how many layers were added and adjusted but the final surface says PEACH.  Every part is a glaze color application except the white fabric in the light and some of the reflections in the glass.  I chose carefully which edges I wanted to bring forward but the majority  have that soft and lost edge.

I had to go back and reread parts of Virgil Elliot's book (see the listing below on the right), as well as, talking to Deborah Paris, a real expert in this area.

I will have this for viewing at the Art Fiesta this weekend in New Smyrna Beach.  If you are in the area, stop by.

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